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Let's Drink Pure Water Together 

A never-ending source of clean water - right from your tap, on the go - and helps our environment.

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Remove undesirable tastes, odours, and 100+ contaminants. Ultra eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.
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Easy install 
Filtered water at your fingertips
No more plastic bottles 
Charcoal filter refill  lasts for 6 months
Cost-effective with hundreds of dollars a year in savings
Great for contaminated wells, cottage country, or to ensure elimination of bacteria/viruses

How do our water filters work?

Our cartridges remove more than 100 substances from tap water, trapping particles as small as 1–2 microns in the carbon block. They also preserve the water's essential minerals (they don't reduce TDS).

Our activated filters come from coconut fibre (isn't that bananas?) and are biodegradable, perfect for the eco-conscious consumer. Read more about the science behind our ultra-advanced 5-stage micro-filtering technology:

Do You Need It? 

The short answer is - probably.


Canada has some of the hardest water on earth, not to mention issues of bacteria  and viruses, the ever-growing presence of micro-plastics, and common issues with well and city water like taste, chemical contaminants, and sediment.  

Get to Know Us

Single-use plastic bottles and the manufacturing of bottled water harm our ecosystems, harming marine life and contaminating the food chain. Our objective is to develop simple-to-use, long-lasting, and low-cost solutions that remove the need for bottled water.

Blue Water


Thanks for contributing to our vision.

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