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Our Products

  • Soft skin and healthy hair: Say farewell to dry skin and fragile hair. Reduce eczema, fragile nails, dandruff and hair loss.
  • Reduces mould and limescale build up in shower area
  • Long lasting filter, 6 months or 40,000 liters.
  • Great for cottages on lake water, homes with hard water or heavily chlorinated areas.
  • Compatible with all standard showers.
  • The only independently lab certified shower filter (using KDF-55) proven to reduce chlorine and limescale.
  • In total over 70 contaminants have been tested and confirmed to be filtered although the actual number is much greater. This includes chlorine, chloramine, 32 chlorine by-products (VOCs), 5 heavy
    metals, 14 pesticides, 12 herbicides and limescale

Shower Pro

Excluding GST/HST
Chrome or White
  • The only independently tested and certified shower filter on the planet. The four stage charcoal filter system fits all standard pipes and removes 95% of chlorine. Reduces mold, limescale, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides bacteria and microorganisms present in the water, and more, over 70+ contaminants. Get soft skin, healthy hair, and reduce eczema, dandruff, dry skin, fragile nails and hair loss with this beautiful product!

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