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The most innovative 5-stage Microfiltration Technology available today. It combines the highest quality organic coconut activated carbon in a super compressed block with proprietary materials to achieve physical microfiltration, extreme absorption and limescale inhibition with a high flow rate.

 Simplified the 5 stages include:

  • Stage 1. Polypropylene screen wrapper

Filters out larger microorganisms, sediment, silt, rust, scale particles and other impurities. It also protects the carbon block from being contaminated by human hands when it's changed.

  • Stage 2: Activated Carbon Absorption

The organic activated carbon removes chemical organic material, chlorine, chlorine byproducts (VOCs, THMs, HAAS, etc.) taste, odor, pesticides, herbicides, PFAS and 100+ other contaminants. Reduces heavy metals including lead, copper, mercury and more

  • Stage 3: Carbon Block Microfiltration

The carbon block is highly compressed to prevent particles larger than 1-2 microns from passing through. This prevents for example all microplastics, suspended particles and most bacteria from passing through the filter. It also prevents most particles from pipe corrosion and biofilm (bacteria buildup inside the pipes) from passing through.

  • Stage 4: Limescale & heavy metal inhibition

Proprietary formula that breaks down the mineral to prevent limescale from forming and further reduce heavy metals.

  • Stage 5: Strainer Mesh

Filters out hair, sand, dirt and other impurities from the pipes for the unfiltered water.



High quality ABS and PP plastic (BPA Bisphenol A free)

Lead-free HBi59-1 brass for the faucet connector and adapters.

Carbon block made out of AquaSorb™ organic activated carbon by Jacobi. This is compliant with international standards, including NSF, EN and AWWA. Jacobi uses EcoGreen Furnaces and ethical sourced coconuts.


Flow-rate and capacity

It has been optimized for filtration at a flow rate of 4L/min. As a reference the normal tap delivers about 8-10L/min at full throttle. For tap water with chlorine that is higher than the recommended 1 mg/l you may want to reduce the flow further for better taste.

Take a look at some of our many certifications below!

Tap Score by Simple Lab - SimpleLab is one of the top tap water labs in the world based in California. They score tap water and filtered water on a scale from 0-100. Our Tapp filters achieved a top score of 98! Take a look at their website here

Based on their analysis and testing Tapp products score 98(Excellent). These are based on guidelines established by Federal and State agencies as well as leading academic research, water samples tested contained no levels of harmful contaminants. Keep in mind water quality can change and it should be tested every couple of years.


All our products have been tested according to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 and Standard 53. Additionally, US Food Grade FDA and European Legislation on Food Contact Materials. Product does not apply any danger to health or environment according to article 3 in Framework Regulation 1935/2004/EC. Manufactured according to Regulation 2023/2006/EC on good manufacturing practice.

Tapp Water Filters have been tested and certified to remove more than 80+ - 100+ contaminants depending on the product from tap water.

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